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They say a wedding is all about the three D’s – the dress, the dinner and the drink. The latter, in fact, can often put the ‘happy’ in happy couple. With this in mind I will be doing a series of beverage-centred posts, starting with the nectar of the gods, wine. I used to work in O’Briens off-licence so I know my claret from my Beaujolais, as the song goes. It also means the wine I feature will be from O’Briens, as I am more familiar with their products. Of course, this will all involve a lot of *glug* painstaking research as I *glug* search for the besht *glug* dealsh around…

White Wine


I wouldn’t touch a drop of white wine before I started working in O’Briens, but I soon learned the error of my ways. Now I enjoy tasting as many different grape varieties and styles that I can, with particular favourites being German Riesling and Spanish Albarino. However, when it comes to wines for a wedding, personal taste has to be tempered with a bit of common sense. Not everyone is going to share your enthusiasm for an exotic grape variety, so it’s probably better to go for something a little more well-known. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are probably the two safest bets, as a lot of people are anti-Chardonnay for reasons I won’t go into here, so that’s what I’m going to focus on.

Whitehaven Pinot Grigio
– Reduced from €14.99 to €9.99
Whitehaven produces top-drawer wines from New Zealand, and this is an excellent price for its Pinot Grigio, a grape more usually associated with Italy. Peach and pear are the standout fruit flavours here, and combine to make a very smooth, too-easy-to-drink wine that will go down a storm with or without food. They also do a cracking Sauvignon Blanc, which retails for €12.99, but is usually on special offer a few times throughout the year.

Karu Sauvignon Blanc – Reduced from €7.49 to €6.99
O’Briens’ entry-level range from Chile is not hugely complicated stuff but is designed to offer maximum gluggability with minimum purse-lightening. Hints of gooseberry and lemon combine with a zesty liveliness characteristic of the wine’s youth. As a budget option, it’s hard to beat.

Domaine Duffour Blanc – currently €9.49 (qualifies for 10% off 12 discount)
This is a bit out of leftfield – a blend of native, i.e. not very well-known, grape varieties, this wine from southern France tastes so much like a New Zealand Sauvignon that it could get arrested for identity theft. Throw in an equally palatable price and this fruit-packed beauty will delight connoisseurs and novices alike.

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  1. I definitely LOVE my wine, and will definitely be trying some of these yummy suggestions!

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