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In a follow up from last weeks’ post on white wines, groom-to-be and self-confessed wine buff Rohan is back to discuss the darker art of the wine world.

Red Red Wine


My introduction to wine came as I was due to spend a year in Spain as part of my college degree and my parents convinced me it would be a sin to go over there without getting my taste buds accustomed to some vino tinto beforehand. Many years later, I still have a weakness for Spanish reds, and Riojas in particular, and I think they are well suited to serving at weddings. Guests, however, may be more familiar with grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz and these are generally pretty reliable options too. Here are some choices from O’Briens.

Protocolo Tinto – currently €8.99 (qualifies for 10% off 12 discount)
Technically not a Rioja, but made from a classic Rioja grape and by a renowned Rioja producer, this has consistently been one of O’Briens top-selling wines. With an abundance of ripe blackberry fruits, it can be slurped on its own, or makes a delicious accompaniment to classic wedding main courses like beef, lamb or turkey and ham.

Karu Merlot/Carmenere – Reduced from €7.49 to €6.99
Like the Sauvignon Blanc from the same producer above, these Chilean reds are pretty basic easy-drinking fare, although in my opinion the Carmenere is a better option as it punches well above its weight and would grace any wedding dinner table.

Rasteau Tradition – currently €10.99 (qualifies for 10% off 12 discount)
This stylish red is from the Cotes-du-Rhone region in France. A blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre, it’s a bit more powerful than the previous two but not so hefty that it would overpower the meal. (in my mind I have an image of the bottle of wine wrestling a piece of steak off the table for some reason…) With a rather high ABV (alcohol content) of 14%, however, it may contribute to some guests becoming very merry a bit earlier than usual.

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  1. I love wine and I love to read about less common types than what I normally drink! Great post!

  2. Never been a red wine fan, but perhaps I’ll have to try these out :)

  3. Siobhan

    Nice work Rohan .. white wine drinker… i think i’m moving towards red…. But at a wedding doesnt most brides wince at the idea? :) the bar suspiciously out of red that day? :)

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