Chicken on a hen night

Who Ya Callin’ Chicken??

When it comes to chicken and egg situations, weddings have it sorted. We all know that the Hen comes before everything else.

And guess whose Hen it is this weekend?

Chicken on a hen night

That would be me!!

I’d love to tell you more about what we’ve planned for this weekend but unfortunately I just know the who and the when, not the juicy deets like the what or the where.

My gorgeous bridesmaids have managed to keep it TOP SECRET from me and apart from knowing it’s happening SOMEWHERE in Ireland I haven’t a breeze what’s in store. I’ve banned paraphernalia and inflatables though. We’ll see how that one pans out.

So will this bridal blogger have the tasteful hen that has evaded most other brides? Or will Karen make good on her threats to get a stripper? You will have to tune in next week or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to find out.

In the meantime, I’m in the mood for chatting Hen Nights. What’s the best Hen Night you’ve been to… what made them memorable, whether the bride ever spoke to her bridesmaids again, that sort of thing…?

Wish me luck!!

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  1. Have an absolutely amazing hen night… I don’t remember mine at all I was wasted to be honest!

  2. Best hen night I ever went to involved a barrel of tar and a sack of feathers. Fun stuff! Have a great night Lisa!

  3. Happy henning Lisa – I’ll keep an eye out for your random tweets later!

  4. Siobhán

    I soooo don’t get the whole feather boa, tiara, cowboy hat aspect of a hen and don’t see why dinner followed with a few drinks and dancing (for whoever has energy :) ) has been replaced by this cackling herd of girls in Temple bar…I did see a brilliant out one … The hens were bee keepers and hen was a bumble bee. Another wheere hens were lion tamers and hen was a lion! :)

    Best hen .. I think a spa weekend was probably my favourite! :)

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