Who nose?

Well it may be a big trend in India, but how do western women feel about piercings – especially facial ones on their big day?

Examples of Indian Nose Piercings

A nose ring can an expression of an individual’s style, or it can be a reminant of a person’s past style. I got one the year I finished school when I had an appetite for things I wasn’t allowed to wear in school. Piercings were top of my list. It’s nine years on now and I’ve grown iffy about it. Ok, granted half the time I don’t even notice it’s there, until it falls out and I frantically try to find it before the hole closes over and starts to heal. It’s never really given me any workplace hassles, it’s so small it’s barely even noticed.

Ashley’s Bride Guide gives nose piercings on brides the thumbs-up.

Photo by Phindy Studios, Nashville

But the question is do I want to wear it on the big day? Should I get a special one, perhaps a diamanté one that would add some additional sparkle? One other solution would be to remove it just for the day, I use a small length of clear plastic clothes tag to keep the hole from closing up.

The decision is simple: is the nose stud still me? Is it appropriate for a wedding? Is it appropriate for my wedding?

The jury is still out…

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