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What’s It Worth?

We’ve all felt it; the urge to splurge – when you want that unmistakable (and often sadly, temporary) rush that comes from spending. When you’re planningĀ a wedding, you’d be surprised how often you come up against it. But with wants being wants, needs being needs and optional extras being just that – optional, sometimes it’s better to resist.

Here’s a few tricks to keep your balance sheet happy and still have the wedding of your dreams.

1. Shift your focus.
Yes, they are the most beautiful pair of shoes known to man, and yes they would look ever so delightful on your feet as you trot up the aisle. We both know this. But the rush that you get by walking out of the shop with them in a bag won’t make the fact that they are over-budget go away. It’s time to shift your focus from the lust object to the very real buzz you get when you shop around and net the best bargain, cause this high is one that’s friendly to your purse and your savvy shopper alter-ego.

2. Sort out your needs first.
Make a list of wants and needs. On the need list, put all the items that are essential to the wedding day. And on the want list, put all the added extras that would be nice to have but won’t have any major impact if they are absent. Put the things on the need list first, and if there is any money left over, start choosing things from the want list.

3. Time is money.
Work out how much time you (or your beloved) would have to spend at work to earn enough to pay for anything that might have the capacity to blow your budget. If you equate a fancy, added extra with hours of office tedium, it won’t seem quite so lustworthy.

4. Keep your budget in check.
If something comes in a little bit over budget, sit down with your spreadsheet and see where you can pull that money back from something else. For example, if your dress costs more than you anticipated and you can forego the sorbet course at the dinner, let it go and enjoy the fabulous dress with your books still perfectly balanced.

5. The Budget Bride’s Secret Weapon.
It’s called The Demotivator, and boy does it put things into perspective. This little site from Money Saving Expert calculates the cold hard facts of a purchase and if it’s something you’re a bit iffy about, it will more than likely put you off buying it. Useful in extreme cases of lust!

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  1. ilse diamant

    thank you for so great advice!!!! have a very nice day :)

  2. Excellent advice – especially “time is money.” If you think about the costs of your wedding in comparison to your salary, it’s a real eye opener!

  3. Such great tips!! Even though I thought I was pretty frugal while planning, sometimes I look back and think I could have done a way better job in certain areas! Of course it is hard when you are caught up in the moment of planning!

  4. Great tips! I think we could all use them, whether we’re planning a wedding or not!

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