We've (finally) contacted the church!

I’m ashamed to say that this is something we’d put on the long finger but now I’ve made the call and the ball is rolling…

Donaghmore Church

This is our local church, St. Patrick’s, on the outskirts of the town we’re both from. It will always have a place in my heart because my brother Keith served mass here when we were little. It will also always have a place in my Dad’s heart because he helped install the front rail on the gallery. No doubt this will feature in his speech!

Donaghmore Church

Even though Rohan and I are from different religious backgrounds we have chosen to get married in a Catholic Church. Ro’s family have been very understanding of our wishes in this regard and I hope this will not impact upon their enjoyment of the day. As my family are from a border county and there are already marriages of mixed religion in the family, this has not been the issue it may have been for couples in our position years ago.

We have asked my Grand-uncle who is a Canon to marry us. This will be quite an honour for us as he is the one who married my own parents in 1979 and my brother and sister-in-law in 2009.

This is another step in making our marriage real. Apologies for the sentimental nature of this post.

  • These beautiful photos of St. Patrick’s were taken by the very generous David McLean of DMC Photography. When I put out a call on Weddings Online for photographs of the church hoping someone who’d shot a wedding there before would send me some photographs, David replied and went out to take photos that evening! Am still bowled over by this act of kindness David, thank you again!

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  1. Colette Folan

    I enjoyed “the sentimental nature of this post”! Lovely choice of church!! :) x

  2. Fifibelle

    No apologies needed, its a big step!!Beautiful church too!!

  3. Brideandjoy,
    Thank you for you kind words, I was more than happy to help out with your request as Ashbourne is only a short distance from Navan, where I am based. Although the clear blue sky shows the church at its best I hope from a photography point of view that you get a little light cloud cover from time to time for your wedding as nice relaxed expressions can be difficult for a photographer to capture in really bright sunlight.
    I hope you have a wonderful day as Rohan and yourself tie the knot.
    Best wishes
    DMC Photography

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