Weddings: An American Perspective

Today we are joined by Kyle from Project Save the Date. You may remember their great project from last week’s post. Their Save the Date is traveling the world gathering pictures of itself in exotic locations for a big unveil on the weekend of the wedding.

Hello Ireland-

I have the great honor of posting at Bride and Joy after striking up a friendship. I was asked to discuss what planning for an “American Wedding” is like. Well I can’t necessarily speak for all Americans but I can talk about how wedding planning is going for my fiance Katie and I. But first a little history on Katie and I.

Katie and I had been dating for three years prior to getting engaged. (To find out the story of the engagement and the Save The Date be sure to check out my blog for today’s post).

Our wedding planning moved very quickly in comparison to most American couples. We are both big planners and like to get things done. The weekend following our engagement we decided to casually check out some reception venues that were also open to the public (parks, museums, and historic houses). It has long been decided that we would get married at Katie’s high school’s church. That had always been a dream of hers and she wasn’t shy about telling me.

We had a good idea of what we were looking for in a venue. During the previous three years every time we went to a wedding we would talk about things we liked and, more importantly, things we didn’t. This helped cut down on the stress and prevent us from started at the very beginning after the proposal.

We ended up deciding on our venue after one weekend of looking. It was perfect. It could hold all our guests, had room for a band, was unique, and included food, beer and wine, wedding cake, and flowers. It was perfect.

Our reception will be held at the Museum of Art. This fills all of our needs and hopefully will provide us with a memorable day.

Kyle and Katie

  • If you live somewhere exotic or interesting (or have some travel planned in the coming months), why not bring Katie and Kyle’s Save the Date with you and photograph it at your destination. It’s a little deed that would be greatly appreciated by the happy couple and their wedding guests.


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