Weddings Abroad: A guest's perspective

I gotta say, I love going to weddings in other countries. I’ve only been to two but both were memorable not just as ceremonies of commitment of people I love, but also as a great big holiday with the people they love.

Bella Lunardi's Romeo and Juliet

Pic Courtesy of Bella Lunardi Photography

Ok, the fact is you’re not going to be able to go to every foreign wedding you are invited to, but when it’s someone special I would implore you to make the effort.

Once that save the date card arrives, hop to it, be it or your local travel agent and get arranging your holiday with a difference.

The first wedding abroad I ever went to was that of my cousin Karl and his lovely wife Wendy. It was in the old town of Dubrovnik in the summer of 2006. The ceremony was held in a beautifully regal old building with no roof in the walled town. And the night before the wedding the heavens opened (my heart went out to Wendy who was staying in a beautiful hotel on a high clifftop overlooking the sea, not the ideal place to be during a storm the night before your dream day).

The following morning the rain cleared up and the ceremony took place as planned. The surroundings were amazing, and the bride looked stunning. We were in the open air but within a building. The classical four piece played beautiful romantic songs. Just as the service finished up, the heavens opened and the old town flooded. We all took shelter while this was happening and as with any wedding, stood around chatting after the ceremony. We had all got to know each other the previous few evenings when we had gone out on the town together. There was a big turn-out for a foreign wedding and the guests mixed well. It was like being on the biggest group holiday of your life.

Because of the weather, certain plans had to be rearranged, and the new Mr and Mrs experienced first-hand the virtue of a contingency plan. The guests of course were oblivious to all this as they were not aware of what was planned in the first place. My uncle Jimmy, father of the groom, referring to the weather, said in his speech “The special effects were amazing.” And when I think back on the day I don’t think about weather, I think about an adventure in a foreign country. And I jump at the chance to attend weddings abroad!

  • Picture reproduced with kind permission from Bella Lunardi Photography, the Irish wedding photographers in Italy. Check out their website for more beautiful photography from the home of romance

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  1. Trust the weather to nearly spoil things! Sounds like you had a great time though :)

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