Wedding Insurance: Do We Need It?

It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

When you’re planning a wedding, you’ll find you’re handing out deposits left, right and centre. This amounts to quite an investment before you even get to set foot down the aisle.

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Wedding insurance has become big business in the past few years and you could say it’s never been so essential – with the sad fact that many businesses such as hotels and boutiques and are closing their doors taking their clients’ deposits with them.

You can take out policies that cover everything from cancellation and rearrangement, your gifts, accidents, supplier failure and bridal attire, but bear in mind that no insurer in its right mind will give you a policy that pays out if you simply change your mind about the whole wedding thing (not that that’s gonna happen, right ladies?).

I will admit that I have my reservations about insurance. Even though I’ve already taken out a policy, I kind of worry that if something goes wrong the company will find a way of not paying out (this has happened to me in the past with travel insurance – we redefined the holiday from hell and even though when I rang from Spain to make sure I was covered my claim was rejected – twice – when we got home). However I do know that having great insurance can be invaluable (like my parents had – as they were also on the holiday for my cousin’s wedding and were covered – they were able to deal with the problem at hand and not worry about the cost).

But as I say, we have gone ahead and taken out a policy regardless. The company we have taken it out with offered insurance policies based on your total wedding budget so it made the process of choosing policies a lot easier.

If you’re thinking of taking it out, I’d say to you that it’s a small price for peace of mind. And to read the policy cover to cover so you’re fully aware of what you’re entitled to should things go wrong.

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