Wedding Glitter Shoe DIY How-To

Wedding DIY: Glitter Shoe Soles

Wedding Glitter Shoe DIY How-To

For this project, you will need:

  • Glitter – I picked mine up in Hickeys on Mary Street (it’s cute and heart shaped!).
  • Super Glue
  • Some gorgeous shoes


Wedding Glitter Shoe DIY How-To

1. First of all – cover the sole of the shoe in glue. As the man says, liberally.

I kept it to the part of the sole that rises and does not come into contact with the floor for safety reasons (and also any glitter on the bottom of the soles would simply fall off with wear.

Wedding Glitter Shoe DIY How-To

2. Then release an onslaught of glitter hearted wonder onto the soles.

Wedding Glitter Shoe DIY How-To

Here’s the finished product after one coat. I like how you can still see some of the pale beige coming though but if that’s not your thing, repeat steps 1&2 until you reach a level of glitteredness that is more becoming.

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  1. Love this idea! Every one could use a little glitter in their soles {pun intended!}! Love this!

  2. Oh, I never even thought of this and I regularly paint my soles with nail polish! Ooooh, I wonder if you put a top coat of glitter nail polish will it help the sparkle stick?

  3. They are FAB! So want to do this to some of my shoes.

  4. ilse diamant

    I WILL DO THIS TO the new shoes I bought yesterday and will show you, loved the amazing idea, thank you!!!!

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