Getting to Know You Table Numbers

Wedding DIY: Getting to Know You Table Numbers

Making a table plan is definitely up there with the most time-consuming (and political!) things about planning a wedding. Are Auntie Emily and Uncle Frank still having a barney? Will College friend A get along with Backpacking Buddy B?

Here’s a fun idea to get all the guests talking – regardless of whether or not they know each other – Table Numbers with trivia about each guest:

  • Did your Uncle Jimmy pass up a ticket to Woodstock?
  • Can your friend Sarah speak Cantonese?
  • Did any of your cousins ever meet a celebrity?

Check out this great three-part frame I nabbed in the pound shop for €2! It was just calling for a DIY makeover. Sorry unfathomably pretty make-believe family, you’re cut!

For this project, you will need:

  • Three-Part Frame
  • Fancy Paper
  • An interesting fact about each guest, printed along with their name. Measure the frame size before you print. I used the free fonts justoldfashion and Bellerose.
  • The Table number, printed large
  • A small print out of ‘Table No’
  • Some twine
  • A guillotine – or a steel ruler and a craft knife. Or a scissors if you have a really steady hand!
  • Hole Puncher
  • Glue
  • A pen


First of all, dismantle the frame.

Cut your paper to size using the guilotene/steel ruler and a craft knife/scissors.

Use the insert from the frame to trace the size of the fancy paper and cut to fit the largest of the windows.

Cut the ‘Table No’ paper to size and punch a hole at one end. Thread a length of twine through.

Glue it to the fancy paper.

Bring the loose ends of the twine to the back and tape.

Cut out the table number.

Paste table number to the fancy paper.

Assemble it all into the frame (it’s worth checking everything is the right way up before you put the back on it!).

Ta-Da! Here’s the finished product!

Happy DIY-ing!

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  1. Anonymous

    These are adorable!!! I wish we were having a sit down dinner now :)

  2. Maria

    Love them! OMG… definitely a project worth looking at. Must run to the nearest pound shop!

  3. Jigser

    They are fantastic, exactly what we were looking for!

  4. I’m starting to think you are a little bit brilliant. :-)

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