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Country Cool Wedding
When Megan and Tim decided to tie the knot, they wanted their wedding to family-friendly and fun for all. Lawn games, grass stains and a¬†few DIY projects later, here are their photographs. Megan, I think it’s safe to say mission accomplished!

Country Cool Wedding

“Some of my favorite photos that Kaylan captured were those of the children running and playing throughout the afternoon.’ Megan says. “Grass-stains marked just about every child’s clothing, but the moms were simply thrilled that they were having such a wonderful time.”


Although the planning stages can seem long at the time, Megan and her loved ones enjoyed the process. “I loved being able to walk through the planning process with my fiance, my mom, and my best friends. While we were anxiously awaiting the wedding, we found different ways along the planning journey to enjoy the moments as they came.”

Megan’s advice for brides-to-be? “Enjoy it. Have fun. Don’t stress out. Allow this to be an enjoyable, memorable (in a good way) journey!”

Country Cool Wedding

Budget-savvy Megan came up with clever ways of stretching their resources. “We were able to save a ton of money by ordering the flowers wholesale and putting them together ourselves. A friend of mine arranged all of the flowers for the ceremony while a few of my aunts and cousins set up the flowers at the reception site the morning of the wedding.”

It was truly a team effort with Tim and his dad putting together signs and Megan and her maid of honor painting them. Megan also handmade the wedding favours – bookmarks which she crafted in various fabrics in the wedding colours.

I really love the homespun feel of this heartwarming wedding. You can tell that all hands were on deck and people had the time of their lives celebrating Megan and Tim’s marriage. All the best to the newlyweds for a happy life together.


Photography by Kaylan Buteyn Photography via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Lovin the bright colors and sunflowers. Very sweet!

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