Watching the Royals: Wedding Week TV Guide


Maybe it’s just cause I’m planning a wedding, but I’m getting sort-of excited about the Royal Wedding, and I never thought I would! Time to set the Sky Boxes ladies, Royal Wedding Fever is about to take over! Here’s what to tune in to/avoid (whatever your personal preference) in the run-up to Friday’s big day…





BBC1 8:30 pm – Kate and William: A Royal Love Story
Kicking off the coverage is this BBC documentary which promises to celebrate the love story of William and Kate from when they met at university to the present day.

Channel 4 10:45 pm – The Royal Wedding Crashers
If you like your viewing irreverent, be sure to tune in to this. Examining the hype and build-up to Friday’s nuptials.

More 4 10:45 pm – Snowdon and Margaret: Inside a Royal Marriage
Tenuous is the order of the week, folks. Although for bona fide royal watchers, this does seem like an interesting topic: the spectacular and very public break-up of Tony Snowdon and Princess Margaret in the 1960s. Actually I might watch this one. Yep, I’m a closet history buff.





UTV 9 pm – When Kate Met William: A Tale of Two Lives
They met at university, you know. A nice glimpse into Kate’s Berkshire upbringing and Wills’ life as king in waiting.






Sky Living 8 pm – How to Marry a Prince
Well it’s a bit late to nab Wills, but Harry would still be a great catch, right? “Taxi! Boujis – and step on it!” A bit of a ridiculous premise for a program, but promises to entertain nonetheless.

BBC2 8 pm – Giles and Sue’s Royal Wedding
Sue Perkins and Giles Coren roll up their sleeves and investigate the Royal Wedding, guerrilla style – sampling some royal nosh, and generally antagonising over every detail of the wedding planning process.

Channel 4 9 pm – Romance and the Royals
Tracing the history of “commoners” marrying royalty all the way back to the middle ages. Apparently that’s a big thing.

TV3 9:30 pm – Special: Inside the Royal Wedding
Ask anyone involved in planning a wedding – they’ll tell you how many factors there are to juggle. But throw in a couple of million spectators, VVVIP guests and worldwide TV coverage and you’ve got yourself one logistical nightmare. Hear from the planners on the inside.





TV3/UTV 7:30 pm – William and Kate in Their Own Words
They strike me as quite a quiet pair when it comes to the media, but yer man who interviewed them when they got engaged has light to shed on the topic.

TV3 9 pm – FILM - William and Kate: The Untold Story
Can you imagine the panic with which this straight to TV movie was expelled from the loins of the studio? After the film’s premiere on Channel 5 last week, The Western Mail’s Graham Henry said the the acting: “veered wildly from the wooden to the astonishing and finally the criminal.” The popcorn’s already in the microwave for this one. I survived M Night Shyalaman’s The Happening, I’ll survive this.

Channel 4 9 pm – My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding
Question: What has this programme got to do with the royal wedding? Answer: It’s being broadcast in the same week, and the title. But die hard MBFGW viewers will love it all the same.





The Royal Wedding:

Coverage from 10:30am to 1:30pm

Coverage from 8:30am to 3:00pm

Coverage from 8am to 3:00pm

Coverage from 8:25am to 4:05pm


TV3 3:30 pm - William and Kate in Their Own Words (Repeat)
See above.

TV3 8:00 pm – The Royal Wedding: A Day To Remember
Hello? Are you still there? Care to watch some highlights. You won’t have seen ANY of this coverage earlier today. Or, like, ever.

Channel 4 8:00 pm – Come Dine With Me: Royal Wedding Special
A unique and dare I say it, well-considered spin on the Royal Wedding spin-off special sees four competing peeps arranging Royal Wedding Street Parties. It’s just like something out of Adrian Mole.

BBC1 8:30 pm – The Royal Wedding
More highlights.

Channel 4 10:30 pm – My Big Fat Gypsy Royal Wedding
In case you missed it yesterday or are now addicted to wedding-related television… One last hurrah. Then it’s straight to The Priory, right?

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