Viva Las Vegas!

Elvis did it and that’s good enough for me. Not a lot of people on this side of the Atlantic will be considering rushing off to Vegas to get hitched. But that would make it all the more unique for those who do…

Elvis and Priscilla Wedding

Whether or not you are thinking about going there for the big day, or bringing some Vegasesque sparkle and extravagance to your town, if you’ve hit the love jackpot (boom boom), here are my top picks:

Vegas Stuff

1. Fabulous Las Vegas Invitations – These cute flat invites aren’t just for those marrying in the state of Nevada. $51 for 25 / $99 for 100 Available from Invitation Consultants

2. Perfect Little Audrey Dress - Fifties Chic embodied in any colour you like! $200 from audreyandgrace at Etsy.

3. ‘Mint to Be’ Bride and Groom Slide Mint tins w/ Heart Mints – These wedding favours will go down a treat, black for the gentlemen, white for the ladies! Totally mintal. Available from My Wedding Favours from $2.25 each plus shipping.

4. Las Vegas Bridal Bouquet – An alternative take on the traditional bouquet. A posy of netting, vintage and quality bridal fabrics, decorated using vintage brooches, trimmings, buttons and beads. And you can keep it forever. $200 from gabrielelouiseshop at Etsy.

5. Dashing Domino Cufflinks - Fall for these quirky cufflinks, a must-have for any Vegas groom. They come in their own personalised case. $27.25 from Where Brides Go

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