Trash the dress?

This may seem like jumping the gun a little, but a post over at Weddobsessed has got me thinking about the dress and what will happen to it after the wedding.

wedobsessed's Trash the Dress

"Darling, did you leave the tap running?"

Ok, so I haven’t actually got the dress yet but it doesn’t sit well with me to spend an obscene amount of money on a dress you will wear for one day (it’s the age-old argument).

So, what to do?

Well you could always keep it in the hope that some day you might use it as a christening gown (after alterations of course), or maybe your daughter would wear it at her wedding? Or banish it to the attic/back of your wardrobe as an eternal reminder of how skinny you were after a two year diet and before the babies.

A fun new trend that’s emerging is the Trash the Dress photo shoot. Basically a while after the wedding you get back into your bridal regalia and do something mad in your dress. And you get someone to take pictures.

Ruth Foran is one Irish photographer who does Trash the Dress sessions, it is catching on over this side of the Atlantic… Visit her website for more fab photos.

Ruth Foran's Trash the Dress

Ruth Foran's Trash the Dress

And here’s a video clip from Weddobsessed’s own Trash the Dress night. How beautiful is this. What better excuse to walk through a fountain with the love of your life.

[vimeo 12827548]

So ladies, will you be getting trashed after the wedding?

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  1. My Mother saved her dress and then made my communion dress out of it, which 3 or 4 people have gotten use of! I see the fun in trashing it though I don’t know if I’d be able to bring myself to it

  2. Siobhan

    Hiya!!! Mum made her dress and did the same made my sister’s communion dress out of it.. unfortunately i tried it on when i was a slightly .. chunkier7 year old and riopped it.

    I was horrifies looking at weddings by frank revisited and seeingt the girl had it in a ball down the bottom of a hanger protective bag… hadn’t even cleaned it!!!

  3. It’s a pity the name ‘Trash the Dress’ took hold, to be honest. The dress is rarely, if ever, trashed. Sure, it gets a bit dirty depending on what you’re doing, but nothing a cleaning won’t fix.

    It’s something I’ll be offering my brides in the near future.

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