Top Tips: Get Camera Confident for the Big Day

Sarah Jessica Parker at the Oscars

Make like SJP and shine in front of the camera

Your wedding is the one day of your life where all eyes will be on you (unless you’re SJP, that is). As if that doesn’t make you self-conscious enough, factor in a few still cameras and a video camera pointing in your direction and it’s enough to make the coolest cats among us run for cover. But fear not, here are our top tips to make sure you shine on your big day:

1. Preparation

Look at photos of yourself and decide what your best side is. Ask your photographer to try to shoot from this angle where possible – it may sound a little vain but you will be more at ease knowing that you are being photographed from your best possible angle, and being at ease is key for camera confidence.

2. Practice

When you get your dress, spend a while posing for photos on a normal digital camera. Enlist an understanding friend to snap away and show you the results instantly. You will have a better idea of how great you look in your dress, and what poses and angles work for you in it. Knowing how great you look in your gorgeous gown will give you more confidence in front of the tips icon

3. Get your make-up right

Make like Hollywood royalty and steal some of their red-carpet polish: after all, they don’t look smashing without their make-up either. Start off with a good matte base, Clinique Pore Minimising Instant Perfector erases enlarged pores, follow with a foundation and powder, this is important to avoid the shiny look (make sure and use a blotting papers every couple of hours too). The only place you should shine is your lips, gloss will reflect the light and give you an overall glow.

4. Smile

And not just with your mouth – your glow comes from having happy eyes. Although it may feel strange having all eyes on you, your enjoying the day will really show in your photographs

5. Pose like a star

Turn your body three-quarters towards the camera, place one foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the photographer. This makes the body seem slimmer as you look wider face-on. Also hold your arms slightly away from the body, as pressing them flat in place against the torso makes them look wider.

6. Relax

When all the hard work is done all that is left for you to do is enjoy it. A professional photographer will have shot lots of weddings and will be a dab hand at putting a couple at their ease in front of the camera. If you’re naturally camera-shy tell your photographer you are, and try to remember it’s just one day in your life.

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