Top Tips: Comprehensive Photo List

top tips iconCheck out this list of wedding photos kindly shared by David McLean of DMC Photography. He has many years of experience capturing weddings on film and this list is full of great photo opportunity ideas, definitely worth a read ahead of your meeting with your photographer.

Photo list:

BR = Bride GR = Groom CBRM = Chief Bridesmaid BRM = Bridesmaids BM = Best man GM = Groomsmen
FG = Flowergirl PB = Pageboy MOB = Mother of Bride FOB = Father of Bride POB = Parents of Bride
MOG = Mother of Groom FOG = Father of Groom GMOB = Granny of Bride GFOB = Grandfather of Bride
GPOB = Grandparents of Bride GMOG = Granny of Groom GFOG = Grandfather of Groom
GPOG = Grandparents of Groom AUOB = Aunts & Uncles of Bride AUOG = Aunts & Uncles of Groom
COB = Cousins of Bride COG = Cousins of Groom PR = Priest

The above explanation saves a lot of text when writing this list. The order that I have put the list in is not broken down into family, friends, formal, groups etc but rather in the order it may flow during the day, beginning at the bride’s house and continuing through photographing the men, the arrivals at the ceremony venue, the ceremony, after the ceremony, locations on the way to the reception and the reception.

Outside of BR house, gardens at BR house (can be used as faded backgrounds in storybook albums).

BR & BRM preparations in bedroom, adjusting dresses, checking hair, putting on shoes, putting on jewellery.

BR getting final touches to make-up, BR & MOB checking make-up.

Photo of BR dress on hanger, BR sitting in dressing gown looking at dress on hanger, close-ups of detail on BR dress.

CBRM putting garter on for BR, CBRM putting garter on BR with BRM looking on.

CBRM adjusting BR dress, BR, CBRM, BRM enjoying a friendly encouraging hug, champagne bottle & glasses on tray.

CBRM BRM toasting BR with champagne, BR + reflection in mirror full length, BR + reflection in mirror close-up.

BR holding bouquet looking at camera, BR holding bouquet looking at bouquet, selection of shots of bouquets.

BR sitting down or bending down to talk to FG, BR sitting down or bending down to talk to FG, BRM looking on.

BR giving FG a kiss on cheek, BR showing FG her bouquet, group photos of BR, CBRM, BRM, FG in house or garden.

BR giving PB a kiss on cheek, BR, FG, PB together, FG, PB together, selection of BR & MOB together.

Selection of BR & FOB, selection of BR & MOB & FOB together, selection of MOB & FOB together.

MOB adjusting buttonhole for FOB, BR, MOB, FOB, CBRM, BRM, FG, PB together using stairs etc.

FOB giving BR final advice, BR & Family in & outside house, bridal car full shot, bridal car close up, BR house & car.
GR, BM, GM group shots, BM adjusting GR tie or cravat, BM adjusting GR buttonhole, GR & BM checking rings.

Close up of GR buttonhole, GR holding rings in front of buttonhole admiring them, full length GR, close up GR.

GR in car arriving at church, GR, BM, GM all giving each other high 5.

GR, BM, GM enjoying drink to calm the nerves, GR, BM, GM playing cards, GR, BM, GM walking in line across to camera.

BM tossing coin as GR looks on looking thoughtful, possibly thinking will I or won’t I?

GR, BM, GM arriving at church, GR, BM, GM sitting in pew waiting nervously,
CBRM, BRM, FG & PB outside church, BR, FOB arriving at church in car, BR & FOB sitting in car, close ups of same.

BR being helped out of car by driver FOB looking on, selection of Bridal Party outside church & in doorway.

FG & PB going up aisle, CBRM & BRM going up aisle, BR & FOB going up aisle, GR greeting BR & FOB at top of aisle.

Veil being lifted off BR face, PR greeting BR & GR, BR & GR lighting 2 side candles.

A series of casual and candid photographs of BR, GR, Bridal Party, Families and guests throughout the ceremony.

Photographs of readers, photographs of gift bearers, photographs of PR blessing rings, BR & GR exchanging vows.

BR & GR exchanging rings, the you may now kiss the BR classic photo, a series of signing the register photos.

A selection of Bridal Party and/or Family photographs at the altar, either before the couple go down the aisle or after greeting their guests in the doorway.

A series of photographs as the BR and GR go down the aisle as husband and wife.

A selection of photographs of the BR and GR greeting their guests as they leave the church.

A selection of the BR and GR both together near a stained glass window in the church.

The BR and GR in the back of the car sipping champagne before they leave for the reception.

A selection of Bridal Party group photos at one or more locations on the way to the reception.

A series of romantic photographs of the BR and GR at scenic locations on the way to the reception to include possibly… walking hand in hand towards and away from the camera, walking away from the camera looking back over their shoulders all both full length and close-up. The BR and GR sharing tender moments and practising their kissing skills, admiring each other’s rings and a selection of intimate poses such as the GR standing as the BR stands sideways and leans back across the GR’s body with the GR supporting her.

There are many variations of the couple poses and these can be taken either at locations or at the reception venue.

A series of photographs of the hotel and grounds that can be used as backgrounds in storybook albums.

The couple arriving at the reception, the Hotel Manager greeting the BR and GR, the manager presenting champagne to the couple, the Bridal Party toasting the BR and GR.

A series of casual and candid photographs of the guests at the reception.

Any family group photographs such as Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents, individual photographs of the BR with her Grandparents, individual photographs of the GR with his Grandparents, three generation photographs of the BR with her mother and grandmother, three generation photographs of the GR with his Father and Grandfather.

A group shot of all guests, a group shot of the GR with all the male guests, a group shot of the BR with all the female guests. Group shots of the BR with female guests she has been to school or college with or who she works with or plays sport with, group shots of the GR with male guests he has been to school or college with or who he works with or plays sports with.

Any Bridal Party photographs that have not already been taken such as the BR showing her ring off to the CBMR and BMR, the CBRM, BRM and BM, GM as a group and in pairs, the BR surrounded by the BM and GM, individual photographs of the CBRM, BRM, BM and GM

The GR surrounded by the CBRM and BRM, the Bridal Party spread out in a line walking towards the camera.

The Bridal Party spread out in a line walking towards the camera then jumping in the air, the BR and GR running away towards the distance, a selection of romantic photographs using trees, bushes and any other suitable backdrops. Lakeside or riverside photographs if available.

Reflection photographs of the BR and GR using suitable mirrors at the reception venue.

The BR at the top of the stairs leaning back down the stairs calling the GR up to the Bridal Suite as he stands below her on the stairs going up with a suitcase in his hand (taken from below the GR looking up)

A selection of romantic photographs of the BR and GR in the Bridal Suite, such as sitting talking or kissing on the bed, the GR feeding the BR grapes or chocolates as she lays back on the bed, the BR and GR standing close together looking out the window of the Bridal Suite.

The entrance of the BR and GR to the reception where all the guests await them, photographs of the cake.

Casual photographs of the guests seated at their various tables, the BR and GR cutting the cake, the speeches, the first dance.

If you happen to be unlucky with the weather and the rain comes down, make the most of guests with colourful umbrellas. You can get some great shots of guests running for cover crouched under colourful umbrellas and romantic shots of the bride and groom cuddling close together under a nice big umbrella.

These are some ideas of photographs I have taken over the years, it is not complete but the most important thing to remember is that your photographer can re-create the poses. However, it is the expressions and the emotions that the expressions contain that makes a simple photograph into a precious memory, that is what I specialise in, I always strive for that look or smile that triggers the happy memories for many years to come whenever you look through your wedding photographs. The only way I can do this is if the couple feel relaxed and comfortable with me as a photographer and this is achieved by meeting with the couple a few times before their wedding so that we each know what we can create together. Also my couples know that they can contact me at any time to discuss ideas or themes that they may come up with.

If you have already booked your photographer, get to know them before your wedding so that they can create precious memories for you rather than just photographs.

  • If you haven’t already booked your photographer and you would like to look at some of these ideas on David’s wedding gallery. David is listed in The Weddings Online Supplier directory, or you can phone him on 086-0684415.

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