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What will you have sitting atop your cáca milis* on the big day?

Cake Toppers

The latest big trend in Ireland is for Custom Cake toppers – check out Cake Toppers Ireland – but when I’ve seen something at a friend or relation’s wedding I tend to want to do something different (except for our venue which was too good to resist,but also where my cousin Orla tied the knot – sorry cuz!)

So, alternatives…. These cute little garden gnomes were bought on eBay and the couple featured them in their Engagement Shoot. Then they made an appearance at the wedding as cake toppers.

Cake Toppers

I love how quirky it is, and I imagine it probably relates back to an in-joke between the couple and with their friends. Check out the Engagement Shoot and Wedding in their entirety at Ashley Sturm Photography’s blog.

At the moment we’re thinking using an ornament we got as an engagement present… nice sentiment, don’t ya think?

Other great ideas:

  • Custom Bobble Heads
  • Hug Salt and Pepper Shakers from Urban Outfitters
  • Kinder Surprise Toys

More on the quest for the ideal cake topper soon…

  • Ashley Sturm Photography is based in Salem Oregon and offers unique, natural, and beautifully creative portraits. For more sublime inspiration, check out her website!
  • *For our readers who do not speak Irish, we’re talking about the cake.

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    1. Whatever you do, don’t start looking for cake toppers on Etsy. There are far too many options!

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