Top Five Quirky Themes

Top 5 Quirky: Wedding Themes

We love a bit of ‘Reeling in the Years’ here at Bride and Joy, and now is certainly the season to do it… But instead of looking back at the most popular posts of 2011 I’ve been inspired to share with you my favourite Quirky picks from of a number of wedding elements. First up is a big one – themes.

A theme can be anything from a colour-scheme you’ve decided on, right up to a full-blown conceptual extravaganza with everything from cake toppers to boutonnieres specially chosen. Here are five of my favourite from the past year…

50s Retro Quirky Wedding theme


I guess we can thank Don Draper for single-handedly causing a retro revival, and although Mad Men was set in early 1960s New York, it is still heavily influenced by 1950s style. We featured this doozy of a 1950s inspired wedding from Melissa Dunstan, back in September. Check out all the original vintage memorabilia – and for you anoraks there are lots of bits and pieces from Cola Fountains to record players. Too cool for school!




Circus Quirky Wedding Theme


Roll up, roll up, it’s time for the greatest show in town – a genuine DIY Circus-theme wedding – the budget of which was less than $5,000. Yep, you read that right. Bride Lindsay pulled out all the stops – and a few favours – to deliver an inexpensive wedding that looked amazing, all captured by Jennifer Weems Photography.



TV Heroes Quirky Wedding Theme

TV Heroes

A wedding theme should be a reflection of something the couple have in common, and one thing you will most likely have in common with your intended is the television of your childhood – this makes an original and fun wedding theme, as this TV Heroes themed wedding from the very lovely Elisha Clarke Photography illustrates.



Mid Century Modern Wedding Theme

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is my absolute favourite design era – from space-age inspired furniture to informal and pared-back graphics, this style is both retro and contemporary all at once. Palm Springs boasts the world’s largest concentration of MCM architecture, and The Parker is the jewel in its crown. In March, we featured Courtney and Adam’s Parker Wedding by Braedon Photography. Check out the gorgeous couple, and their funky surroundings.



Peacock Quirky Wedding Theme


On the sliding scale of Themed/Inspired, this wedding definitely leans to the latter end. Taking an element from nature such as lavender, sunflowers or in this case, peacock feathers, and letting it inform your colour choices. Ritzo and Rebecca took their wedding decor inspiration from the peacocks that roam Leo Carrillo Ranch, where they got married. Heidi-o-Photo captured the subtitles of a theme that whispers gently rather than roars.


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  1. Thanks a mill Lisa! I hope to have many more quirky weddings this year to show off!

  2. love the circus theme!

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