Top 5 Practical Tips for Winter Weddings

top tips iconWhether we were expecting it or not it’s fair to say ’tis the season… Here’s some top advice for brides who have been dreaming of a white wedding but never really expected to have one:


1. Minimise Travel –

If you are just at the booking stage, try to take into account the unpredictability of winter weather (yes, even in *gasp* late November – as we didn’t). Try to stick nearby to major routes where possible and avoid long journeys between ceremony and reception venues.

If you’re all booked up and ready to go but your venues are very far apart, it is worth talking to your celebrant and seeing if it is feasible to change to a ceremony venue closer to your reception.

2. Make sure your outfit is customizable

There are few things in life less glamourous that a faux fur stole so make sure you have one on reserve in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids as well. Umbrellas are also a must-have for winter brides. Check out Penneys for some cute umbrellas for a fiver.

3. Marry in the late afternoon

This allows your guests time wait for a thaw and to make their journey if there are adverse conditions. Discuss it with your photographer first as a later ceremony will mean less daylight for photographs. They may even suggest to you a ‘First Look’ shoot, where your intended and yourself are photographed when you’re all dressed up for the ceremony but just before you go inside.

4. Provide hot drinks

Your guests will thank you for this as cradling a nice warm mug of tea or coffee warms your hands and drinking it warms you from the inside out. See if your venue will come over all Starbucks and throw in some hot chocolate for the little guests.

5. Stock up on gloves

Second mention of Penneys in one post but investing in a basketful of their magic gloves (gloves that stretch so one size fits all) is a great idea – and one which will be appreciated by smokers and those who like having impromptu snowball fights.


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  1. Fifibelle

    Great idea about the gloves!!Have a wedding the 27th of this month, might treat myself to a pair of elbow length gloves for the day ;)

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