To Dye for…

Here’s one for ya. You invested in a beautiful pair of shoes for your wedding, you walked up the aisle in them, youShoe Time Logo walked back down the aisle a married woman still wearing them, you danced the night away in them. So the three of you (that is, yourself plus two shoes) have some amazing memories together. But there’s just one thing… they’re white.

I don’t know many women who have cause to wear white/ivory/alabaster shoes on a regular basis, and it would seem wasteful to just wear a pair the once. So what do you do? Well, have you considered changing their colour?

Here are a selection of shoes you can do just that to:

Three shoes you can dye

Here comes the dyed

1. Ava – a comfortable heel height and beautiful silver ornament detail decorated with Swarovski crystals, and a pretty peep-toe.

2. Stewart Wiseman France – Simple, uncongested elegance… picture them in peach, or gold

3. Touch-ups BiancaThis scalloped edged pump with a cute peep toe – transformed into purple.

Of course, this is not limited just to the bride’s shoes. How about the bridesmaids shoes, dyed to match their dresses? Or for the mother of the bride’s outfit?

What do we think of resurrecting our pumps?

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