Three Top Tips for the Newly-Engaged

top tips iconI remember before I got engaged everyone would ask me “So when are you getting engaged?” This question popped up in my life more times than “Would you like cashback?” or “Do you want fries with that?” so I thought when Ro did get down on one knee in Paris this question would finally stop. And it did. It was replaced by “When are you getting married?”

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"I do, do you?"

Getting engaged is a watershed moment, out with your single ways, in with a barrage of prospects. Here are my top three tips for making sure you get through it with a great deal of your sanity still intact:

1. Much and all as you may try to avoid it, the fact is that at some point along the way you will offend someone. You may book your wedding the same month as a cousin, you may forget your mam’s friend is a florist and go with a different one, you may have to tell one of your closest friends that you only want one bridesmaid (your sister). Whatever the case, it will rear its ugly head at some stage. Accept it. Move on. The argument will blow over. Just remember to stay calm. You can’t please all the people all the time.

2. When booking suppliers for your wedding, get as much information as you can in writing/by email. That way, you know you are singing off the same hymn sheet and if at some stage later down the track someone goes off-key you can get them back in tune using your written record. And your wedding will be a beautiful symphony. Ok, enough with the music analogy.

3. Smell the roses. In five years time your life will probably have changed hugely from how it is now. And even if it doesn’t this still applies. You’re only gonna have this experience once. Enjoy it. You will warrant a lot of extra attention from many people in this period of your life, and it won’t last forever. So enjoy it when your neighbour asks you if you’ve chosen the dress yet. Enjoy the phone calls your mam makes to you to remind you to call the priest. Enjoy the first time you go to someone else’s wedding and your fiancé asks you if you think the chair covers were included in the package. Time will move on and so will you. And if common knowledge is to be believed, it will happen quickly!

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  1. Some great advice, I can relate to much of the engagement questions.

  2. Siobhan

    Ro asked about seat covers? Hun put setanta sport in the backround!! :)

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