The Nappiest Day of your Life

Picture this:

Your big day has finally arrived! You are going through a whirlpool of every possible emotion but mostly it’s unbounded joy. You have the ring on your finger, a few drinks in your belly and are sitting down to dinner …when nature calls.

Ok, you shouldn’t have gone for such an intricately-designed fastening system for your dress, you can just go in your nappy. You are an organised bride who has thought of everything, right down to diaper detail.

Baby bridal couple

At least these guys have an excuse

…Sorry I can’t keep a straight face any longer. Bridal nappies, are you kidding me? Has the world gone mad? Would a grown woman prepared to relieve herself remotely in a room full of practically everyone she knows when all eyes are on her? That sogginess in her pants for the rest of the day? Oh dear.

What’s your verdict: latest craze or just plain crazy?

I apologise for lowering the tone of the blog.

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  1. Bambi

    Yuk! In Grey’s Anatomy it was harcore, in real life it’s just laziness mixed with curiosity, not to mention GROSS! Surely if your bridesmaids are worth their salt and your dress is THAT intricate then they should be at the ready for all calls of nature and….(dun dun dunnnnnn) Bridezilla??

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