The Hair Plan: 14 Months to go…

Hair Plan LogoOk, so the countdown is still long, but they say it’s best to plan ahead so when I visited my hairdresser Anna last week, we went through what lays ahead for my tresses in the lead-up to the wedding (and it’s not all GHDs and 2000w blow-drys).

Step 1: Get a great hairdresser.

First of all it’s been a long road to find a hairdresser I’m happy with. I’m habitually lazy when it comes to my hair, and tend to avoid getting it cut. Mainly because I went to whatever hairdresser was available when I did finally get around to going for a trim. And on more than one occasion, had the head eaten off me by a disgruntled hairdresser for not going every six weeks.

So step 2: I promise to be good.

I promise to go for regular trims. That’s every six weeks.

If you don’t have a great hairdresser you need to find one pronto. Ask a friend with great hair where they go. The important thing is to find someone who is technically proficient, and will listen to you.

Step 3: I promise to use good products.

Regular styling will dry out your hair. You will be shocked to note that GHDs are not good for it (really!). Being blonde, my highlight habit dries it out further. So even though I am a budget girl at heart, I’m willing to invest in good shampoo and conditioner (and use it sparingly – because that’s all it needs).

Step 4: Whole Head, Half Head

My hair is naturally very fair, so I have only ever had half-head highlights. But because I intend having an up-style, I am now going to alternate it with full head. Anna said it takes a few goes for the rest of the hair to catch up, but will be well sorted by the big day.
So that’s the plan for the next 15 months. Tune in again for more hair tips including getting the best up-style and what to do in the last days before the wedding.

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