The Groom's Perspective: Party Piece

Alert! A boy has once again taken over at Bride and Joy… Here he shares his dinner party musings…

So Lisa and I decided to throw a dinner party for our nearest and dearest (and a random cousin) at the weekend.

Birthday Cake

No big deal you might think – except our kitchen is barely big enough to cook for one, let alone the 13 people we had invited… So much for what they say about only 80% of the people you invite will actually come, we must just be very popular as everyone turned up! I wonder if it’ll be the same story at our wedding…

And I don’t know about Lisa but to me it almost felt like some kind of pre-wedding rehearsal (even though the wedding isn’t for another year and a bit)… Both sets of parentals were there, along with siblings and their wives, plus Lisa’s cousin Daniel was like a representative of all our cousins, although he didn’t know it…The Groom Speaks Icon

The other way it felt like a rehearsal was that we were going around making sure we talked to everyone, checking that everyone had a drink and generally trying to keep everyone entertained and well-fed… From the empty plates we cleared up I’m guessing we achieved the latter at least!

It went pretty well though and the only thing I regret was not having a seating plan so our dads wouldn’t have had the chance to set up an impromptu singalong in the corner where they were sitting together… Although, knowing dads, they probably would have started one no matter where they were sitting…

I know that on the Big Day itself we’ll have slaves… I mean waiting and catering staff… to top up drinks and look after the food side of things, but that will still have been chosen by us in advance, and we will still have to go around chatting to as many people as we can, while checking that everything is running smoothly as well. But if the dinner is anything to go by, we can organise one hell of a party!

As long as we don’t have to do the washing up afterwards…

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  1. Gerard Treanor

    Lisa & Rohan
    Beautiful Evening ,Lovely meal,great company,lovely wine,what more would a body want.
    Thanks Again
    Dad T

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