The Groom's Perspective: I Propose a Riot

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Whenever I tell people that I proposed to Lisa in Paris, the first thing they invariably say is “Oh, on top of the Eiffel Tower?” with a smile that adds “You old romantic you”. Then when I say that no, it was actually in Disneyland they usually appear bemused for a brief second – maybe thinking “Why would he take her to Paris to propose and not do it on the Eiffel Tower?” – before eventually saying “Wow, cool!”

The pair of us in front of the Castle in Disneyland

I realise that Disneyland may not be the first place in Paris to spring to mind as regards proposals, but it was the first place I thought of. I had been thinking about proposing for some time, and it seemed to me that Paris had it all as a location – apart from its romantic connotations, Lisa and I had history there, as we went there on our first proper trip away as a loved-up couple, and it snowed and was just a magical time. So I guess I wanted to recapture that kind of magic. Plus, I know Lisa’s a sucker for theme parks, and she’ll agree to pretty much anything if I bring her to one…

Part of me would have liked to spring the proposal as a surprise, but it’s nigh on impossible to keep a secret from Lisa, as she usually knows my intentions before even I do. And if she hadn’t guessed, the fact we went shopping for a ring the day we were due to fly out might have tipped her off… The ring is another thing part of me would have liked to have been a surprise, but I know I would have been a disaster if I had gone out looking for one on my own and it wouldn’t have felt right to have proposed without a ring handy.

I consider myself to be a fairly old-fashioned guy with a modern twist (and a hint of lemon) so it had occurred to me to ask for Lisa’s father’s permission for his daughter’s hand, but to be honest I didn’t know if such an approach was still customary, so when Lisa mentioned it to me I thought, well what’s the worst that could happen, apart from Gerry chasing me down the street with a welding rod? As it happens, I asked him on the day we were flying out to Paris as well, so at least I had the consolation that if things went pear-shaped I’d be in another country within a few hours…

I was pretty nervous and my words all came out in a blur, but I’ll never forget the smile on Gerry’s face when I asked him, nor the words that would welcome me into the family… “Ah Jaysus no!”

Turns out I was pretty nervous on the day of the proposal as well… As we strolled around Disneyland part of my mind was sussing out possible locations (spinning tea cups, Thunder Mountain) but then we were walking up to the Disney castle and the sun came out and I thought there would never be a better moment than this… I got down on one knee and popped a joint and then the question, I may have repeated myself then and mistimed a speech that I hadn’t prepared at all but I don’t think either of us would have had it any other way.

The rest, as they say, is hysterical…

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