The Groom’s Perspective: First Dance

In which our groovy groom comes over all Simon Cowell…

The Groom Speaks IconBeing a bit of a music nerd, when I started thinking about what song Lisa and I would have as our First Dance I went on iTunes and made up a new playlist, imaginatively titled “First Dance”. I wanted to go for something classy but with a hint of quirkiness – like us, pretty much. So I have compiled a list of some of the songs that were under consideration – this week I give you my classy choices, while next week I look at some of the more quirkier options under consideration.



People might be more familiar with the Michael Bubbly version but I prefer this one – grumpmeister general Van sounds almost sweet when he’s singing here. Plus, Lisa is kinda crazy.

ERIC CLAPTONWonderful Tonight

A really nice song – although Lisa won’t be “wondering what clothes to wear” for the dance as she doesn’t really have a choice…

NINA SIMONE Whatever I am (You made me)

I just like the lyrics in the chorus – “Whatever I am, you made me / Whatever I got, you gave me” – and I feel that Lisa has definitely helped to shape the kind of person I am.

ANDY WILLIAMSCan’t Take my Eyes off You

A perfect love song in my opinion, and one that may never be bettered… I know that I won’t be able to take my eyes off Lisa the whole day of our wedding as she will be looking absolutely stunning. It has probably soundtracked a million weddings already.


Not one of their best known songs perhaps, but definitely one of their most romantic. A simple but devastatingly beautiful ode.

EELSSweet li’l Thing

Every time I hear this song I think of Lisa – “She’s got a way about her, makes me wanna sing / She’s got a magic about her, she’s my sweet li’l thing” – though I know very few people at the wedding will know about Eels, I’m kind of biased as they’re my, like, totally favourite band ever.

  • Tune in next week to read about Ro’s quirky selections.

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