The Groom's Perspective: Course We Did

In which our groom-to-be goes Catholic for the day and plans a master race…

With nine months still to go before the Big Day, you might think Lisa and I somewhat premature in taking our pre-marriage course recently. But, since we are already pre-marriage experts, we figured it was as good a time as any to get learning.

The Groom Speaks IconWe made our appointment before Christmas, and as the day of the course drew ever nearer, we were gripped by a sudden irrational fear that we had signed up with a cult and would emerge afterwards as brainwashed zombies… A fate I had hoped to delay until the Big Day itself (kidding!). In fairness, the information we were given about the course focused strongly on the organisation’s achievements in the area of fertility with barely a mention of marriage, so you can hardly blame us for thinking they just wanted us to join their grand scheme to create a master race of super babies (OK, you can blame us a little…)

In the end, the worst we had to deal with was a slightly cringe-worthy talk on, you guessed it, fertility. It was delivered by an older woman who, the media would have us believe, shouldn’t be up to that sort of thing. It brought me back to sixth-year biology class, with admittedly less immature giggling this time around.

However, the course also had a very interesting talk on the financial side of marriage (‘whaddya mean, she gets all my money?!’) and a mum who really knew her stuff drilled us on how to be good parents if we are lucky enough to have children in the future. At the end, a priest chatted about Catholicism for a while, which went a bit over my heathen head, but we did get offered the chance to have the Pope himself bless our marriage, a very generous gesture!

After all that, we emerged into the sunshine blinking, full of excitement about the wedding and definitely not brainwashed at all. Must. Create. Super. Babies…

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