The Grooms Perspective: Choosing Your A-Team

In which our prospective groom flirts with excesses but stops short of asking it back to his place…
The Groom Speaks IconAnother week, another shameless plundering of one of Lisa’s polls to suit my own blogging needs (cue nefarious laughter)… A few weeks ago, Lisa was reflecting on how to choose bridesmaids and that got me thinking… Yes I know that’s a dangerous thing to be doing in my condition as a prospective groom but rest assured I wasn’t doing it for long.

Groomsmen By Ashley Sturm Photography

The last wedding I was at, Lisa’s cousin Aiden had his brother Paul as his best man. The next wedding I’m going to, my cousin Matthew will presumably (I don’t know for sure) have his brother Philip as his BM. Seems pretty straightforward… Except I have two brothers.

So what to do? Have two BMs and change their titles to EGs (‘equally good’ men)? That might be a bit too confusing, so there’s only one thing for it… Make them fight to the death. It would be a handy way of reducing the guest list but sadly fratricide, contrary to popular opinion, is rarely the answer.

My gore-free solution, therefore, is to have my oldest friend as my BM. And by oldest, I don’t mean he’s 90, but rather that he’s the friend I’ve known the longest. We’ve been through some pretty mad adventures over the past 10 years or so, plus he’s a fellow Spurs supporter so that means he’s loyal, entertaining and has great taste… And absolutely doesn’t mean that, given this opportunity to show his class, he will then proceed to muck it up… As if Spurs would ever do anything like that.

So that means I have my BM and my two brothers as groomsmen, or GMs, but I also want to involve my FBIL (future brother-in-law) so I’m thinking of asking him to be a GM as well. That makes it a wedding party of four on my side, which to be honest is flirting outrageously with being too much, but just stops short of inviting it up for coffee.

BTW, it appears that this post has become something of an AF (acronym fest)… I apologise.

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  1. See, THIS is why I’m not having any adult bridesmaids!! The politics! Just having two of my wee nieces and if any of my many many sisters/friends/cousins complain I just shove a photo of the pair of them in their faces and shout ‘how could you disappoint these faces?!’ and it’s all ok again!

    Great post – love the blog!

  2. Bambi

    Hmmm….this is a dilly of a pickle! I think one needs family there for the sheer “your kids definitely knowing someone in the wedding album” of it all. But your friends have been there for each step of the relationship from the secret crush discussions to the “go for it mate” texts…..I haven’t helped… I’m sorry!!x

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