The Grooms Perspective: Best MANifesto

In which our groom-to-be has some words of advice for his number one pal…

Now onto the poor unfortunate soul also known as the Best Man. He DOES have the pressure of worrying about a speech. And if it’s better than mine then he could have a very uncomfortable night ahead of him…

Best Man

Pre D-Day:
Much the same as the Groomsmen, with extra responsibility for making sure the stag party goes smoothly.
TO SPEECH HIS OWN: Write your speech well in advance. No scribbling it on your hand on the way to the reception. And no off-the-cuff improvisation of the whole thing, unless you happen to be particularly good at that sort of thing and, let’s face it, most people aren’t.
On D-Day:
LORD OF THE RINGS: A guy in work got married recently and his Best Man forgot to bring the wedding rings to the church. If that happens there will be BLOOD. Things will get freakier than that film The Ring. So guard those babies with your life.
CAN I GET A WITNESS: You will have to sign the marriage licence as a witness. Signing it ‘Best Man woz ere’ is neither funny nor clever. OK, it’s a little bit funny.
TO SPEECH HIS OWN 2 – THE SPEECH-QUEL: Don’t forget to tell the bridesmaids how fantastic they look, but go easy on sweet-talking the bride – that’s my job. Keep it relatively clean – there’s a rumour doing the rounds that ladies will indeed be present. Embarrassing stories about me and ex-girlfriends are pretty thin on the ground so feel free to be a bit creative.
Last but not least – enjoy the day! I know I will…

[box]You may recognize Kieran and his groomsmen from our recent post featuring his wedding to Elaine. Photographs are the work of Rubistyle Photography. [/box]

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