The Great Northern Roadtrip

Last week we hit the road in my little mini (there were four of us – Ro and his two equally tall, strapping brothers). It was cramped to say the least! Ro’s family have a family tradition of going to Portstewart every year – that’s where his Dad is from. I’ve been in on this tradition this past two years and I love it. We always play tennis and go for ice cream, and the food is always delish – well what’s not to love!

Ro and I on Portstewart Beach

Ro and I on Portstewart Beach

Unfortunately we were strapped for time this year and my own parents were holidaying over in the hills of Donegal, so we left Ro’s family and spent a few days around the seaside town of Downings. We stayed in a really cool round tower house (Grand Design-worthy!), and visited such interesting heritage sites as Dunfanaghy’s Workhouse.

And now I think to myself, as I did when I came back from Australia – how come we don’t go on road trips more often!

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  1. modder

    don’t forget me if you’re going. promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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