Couple running up stairs on their wedding day

The Great Escape

or: Finding time for yourselves as a couple on the big day.

Couple running up stairs on their wedding day


The months of toiling over a fluctuating guest list will have prepared you for just how many faces you will be seeing on your big day. If it’s a big wedding, you will be lucky to get to speak to everyone there, and if it’s a small one you may find yourself trying to divide your time in some sort of equal manner among your carefully-chosen guests. However, you must remember that the reason for the wedding is you guys – and most married people will tell you that the day goes by so quickly, you must take the chances to treasure it together as they arrive.

1. In the car
When choosing transportation, bear in mind that if you will be traveling separately from the rest of your bridal party you will have some time together in the car. There was a lovely moment during the Royal Wedding where, on the journey from the Abbey to the Palace, the car went under an arch away from the camera glare. This was the first moment the couple had together in relative privacy on the day. When they emerged, they were smiling broadly, then it was back to business. If, however you opt for a vehicle that can fit you all you gain the craic of a mini party with your bridesmaids and groomsmen in a car, and lose the ‘us’ time. But you may find other opportunities later in the day.

2. Before the meal
This is the time in most weddings that the bride and groom will catch a fleeting chance for quite time. Enjoy it! Your bridesmaids and groomsmen have been called into the meal, and you are just about to. But take the time to stop and say “Can you believe this is happening?”

3. After the Ball
The lull of the Residents Bar may prove too much, but whatever time you get back to your room at, once the specially trained crack team of bridesmaids who know the trick to getting you out of your dress have dispersed, you are finally alone. And no doubt rather sleepy. This moment at the end of your wedding day may be the first opportunity you have had for ‘us’ time.

Photo reproduced with permission from Hardy Klahold Photography via Two Bright Lights


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  1. I think the quiet moments are the most important. Have you thought about first look shoots to have a wee moment to yourself before facing the hordes?

    • Lisa

      I never thought of First Looks! Good idea, although technically that involves a third person – the photographer.

      I’m a traditionalist at heart I guess – part of me is superstitious about seeing each other before the altar. Aww…

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