Essential Engagement Pics - Love Hands by Simply Two Photography

The Essential Engagement Shoot Photos for 2011

One thing I recommend to anyone getting married is to have an engagement shoot. Not only does it give you a chance to get to know your photographer ahead of the big day and put you at ease in front of a camera, it also gives you a set of lifestyle photos you’ll have for years to come. Just the pair of you, before all the madness of married life.

Put your thinking cap on
Engagement shoots are an opportunity to be as creative as you wish – work with your photographer to come up with ideas for shots you are happy with. You might want to use one of the pictures in your Save the Date or Invitations. Here are my essential Engagement Shoot pics for the year that’s in it…

Essential Engagement Pics Lying Down by Michelle Gardella

Lying Down:
We know how this wedding planning malarkey takes it out of you, you’d be forgiven for wanting to have a rest… I don’t really know why, but I really love the angle of photos of people lying down, taken from above. And the look that the couple are sharing is very loving. Although if it was myself and Ro in the same set-up, we’d probably be giggling away. Pic by Michelle Gardella Photography.

Essential Engagement Pics 4 - Balloons

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your engagement shoot, why not bring along some lovely helium balloons? They’re not just for kids, you know – as this beautiful photo by Ben Pancoast shows.

Essential Engagement Photos- The Ring Hug

The Ring Hug:
It took me a while to realise how cleverly composed Kate and William’s engagement portrait by WireImage/Mario Testino is. They’re hugging and look oh-so-happy but they are also -crucially - showing off the ring. Obviously photographers such as Leeann Marie Photography cottoned on to this one quicker than I did. It’s a very natural-looking pose, but it’s picture that paints a thousand words. Make like Kate and Will and get this snap yourself. One for the ring-watchers.

Essential Engagement Pics Love Hands by Simply Two Photography

Love Hands:
Hands up who is in Love!! I love this creative shot by Simply Two Photography, four hands, four letters. It reminds me of the torch monsters we’d make when we were kids… Although there was very little romantic about that. This shot would work in any setting – gloved hands in winter or on the beach in summer, like this one.

Essential Engagement Pics 3 Tandem Bicycle

In Tandem:
There’s something so cute about tandem bicycles, and the bicycle shot is a big trend at the moment. Irish readers, if you want to hop on board this band wagon, you can rent tandem bicycles in the Phoenix Park, like Aoife and Thady did for their engagement shoot with White Tea. Apparently that’s just what a certain Bootylicious singer did while visiting the city. If it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for me!

Essential Engagement Pics Chalkboard by Michelle Gardella

Chalked Up:
Your school years called, they want their blackboard back. Yes, chalkboards are a big trend in weddings at the moment, whether it’s a speech bubble board for a Photo Booth, or a message of gratitude for your guests (get your photographer to snap one of you holding up a board with “Thanks!”written on it – to personalize your Thank You cards). There are also endless possibilities for blackboards in engagement shoots – I like the trail of hearts in this one from Michelle Gardella Photography but you could also write down your favourite saying or the sentiment of the day.

Essential Engagement Pictures - The Ring Portrait

The Ring Portrait:
Just received the most beautiful piece of jewelery from the man you love? Why not have it photographed so you can remember this feeling for years to come. This shot is already a popular one for wedding photographers – they’ll generally snap one of both wedding rings with the engagement ring as part of the bridal preparations, but the engagement shoot is a good opportunity to capture the engagement ring on its own, as this photo by Leeann Marie Photography shows.

Leeann Marie Photography via Two Bright Lights

What’s on your essential list of engagement pictures?

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  1. Love it Lisa! You’ve captured some of my most favourite poses… I love, love, love the chalkboard one!

  2. ‘The Ring Hug’ – that’s a new one! Hilarious – look at my rock :-)

  3. Loving the ring hug! Hehe! Fab!

  4. The lying down picture is extra cool. Wonderful colours. Love it!

  5. Love it Lisa! I was wondering what you were at when I saw these on Pinterest. :)

  6. I love that more and more couples are having an engagement shoot and a post wedding shoot. I just wish more of them knew they could have one.

    It’s always great fun for couples and photographers alike.

  7. I came upon this from David Ziser’s latest post on These are some great ideas I wouldn’t have thought of. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa

      Thanks for your comment Ernie E and also for letting me know about the link from David’s great blog… I’ve a keen interest in photography so it really is a gem of a read. Although I do worry about becoming a know-it-all bridezilla when it comes to the pics :)

  8. Roxy

    Love the ring hug too! Simple but lovely

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