The Bridehood of the Traveling Lanterns

Sometimes you read something and it just gives you a little lift. This happened me yesterday as I was browsing the Weddings Online forums and I spotted an interestingly titled post: The Bridehood of the Traveling Lanterns.

One of the ladies, Future Mrs P has kindly offered to send the lanterns she and Mr P bought as pew ends for their weddings on their merry way to light up a few more ceremonies around the country. Her fellow Wedding Online Brides (or ‘Wollies’ as they’re known) then signed up to borrow the lanterns for their own weddings with the promise that they’d contact the next bride on the list after their day was over and pass them on.

And I’m thinking, what a great idea! Paying it forward is the new paying it by credit card.

And I’m also thinking, what else can we pass on from one bride to another? I’ve already received lots of bridal magazines from friends that have been up and down the aisle, and I know there’s a bag or two of hen party …paraphernalia floating around the family that I can expect to see when my time comes.

Have you anything you would like to pay forward? Leave a comment below, or if you’re a Wollie, start a Bridehood yourself.

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  1. Fifibelle

    Love,love,love this idea, well done to my fellow Wollies!!!

  2. Great idea!!
    Would you believe I just gave away my wedding gown? Planned on selling it but never got around to actually doing anything about it.
    Then my neighbor mentioned to me over Christmas drinks that she was getting married on a 2K budget.
    Anyway, giving it away really made me feel good and her V happy {thank god she loved it! – Pronovias – who wouldn’t?}.
    I’d love for her to pass it on but don’t know how many alterations the poor thing will be able to take!

  3. Fifibelle

    Annie, thats amazing!!She must be delighted and you did a seriously good deed there!!!!

  4. Natasha

    Anyone know how I can get my hands on these traveling lanterns?! Would love them to come to Minnesota, U.S. for a July 2012 wedding!!!!

    • Lisa

      Hey Natasha,

      As far as I know, the lanterns are making their way around Ireland, I think the postage alone to get them to Minnesota would cost more than buying them locally. Why not start your own local chapter of the Bridehood? That would be awesome

  5. Are the traveling lanterns still available for a 2014 wedding?? Great idea, love it!

    • Lisa

      As far as I know they’re still on the go Jen… your best bet is to leave a comment on the thread on Weddingsonline and see what happens. Hope it works out, they were one thing that a lot of the guests commented on at our wedding

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