Tender Weddings Blog Competition

Hey-ho, well I’ve been blogging away to myself for about six months since we got engaged, and I would like to thank my loyal followers (Hi Mam!). I discovered today that TenderWeddings.com are running a bridal blogging competition – a chance for me to share my tips with other brides, and of course there is an amazing prize (twenty grand, anyone?), plus my experience may help out someone who’s hit a bridal brick wall. So wish me luck…. P.s. By coming back often to have a read you will be increasing my chances so please do!

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  1. Edel Galligan

    Keep up the good work Lisa, im sure brides 2b will really enjoy this :)

  2. Bambi

    Should we also make yummy noises/leave comments?? I mean I know generally we should but does that increase your chances??

  3. I’m sure comments and yummy noises couldn’t hurt… yummy cakes also welcome :) Woot am number 18 now, from 35 earlier today!

  4. Darragh Verschoyle

    Very good work here Lisa. Very well written as always. Best of luck with the competition too!

  5. Rohan Smyth

    Mmm cake…

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