Teeny Tiny Little Gingerbread Houses

It’s true what they say, it IS the most wonderful time of the year… I particularly like the long nights and long, hot drinks to help keep me cosy.

Here’s a little something I saw over at Not Martha and I thought would make a perfect DIY project for a smaller wedding’s tea and coffee reception – especially if it’s a winter wedding.

These cute little mini-gingerbread houses that sit on the rim of a coffee cup or mug can be made from sugar cookie dough or gingerbread and they’re sure to be a talking-point!

I am even going to attempt these myself later in the week for a tea-party with Ro’s family – check back later for the results :)



For the Full How-To



head on over to Not Martha.

Photographs used with permission.

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  1. These are too cute!! Definitely going to give them an attempt myself!

  2. Oh well, they are just too adorable!

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