Taking the cake

Earlier in the week, I featured a real wedding’s cute garden gnome cake topper and promised more tip top toppers to come…

Check out this array of Etsy finds from the cute and quirky, to the eh… cute and elegant. What can I say I love when things are cute!

Wedding Cake Toppers

1. All Dressed Up Shabby Chic Love Birds Cake Topper - hand carved and available in your choice of colour. Their legs come off too, so they will happily sit on the mantlepiece for years to come -$75.00 from CountrySquirrellsRUS.

2. Love Peanut Butter and Jam Cake Topper with Toast Base - Weddings are all about pairs that go well together and this sambo combo is a classic. – $69.00 from Garden4Arts.

3. Custom Wedding Cake Topper - All details are noted in this beautiful custom topper – hairstyles, dress, tux and flowers. They are so popular that the next available order won’t ship til this November! – $195.00 from CakeToppersStudio.

4. Custom Hedgehog Wedding Cake Topper - Who could resist this loveable pair atop a wedding cake? Fliepsiebieps will recreate you in hedgehog form right down to hat, flowers and veil. – $60.00 from Fliepsiebieps.

5. Munchkin Style Custom Cake Topper - do you remember those ‘Love is…’ cartoons from years gone by? They are exactly what sprung to mind when I saw this couple of rascals. Made in your image and likeness, as if butter wouldn’t melt. – $80.00 from Sophias Workshop.

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  1. Oh, those hedgehog ones are so so cute!

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