Sweet Ideas: Wedding Favours

When choosing wedding favours, the only limits are your imagination, and your budget! They should be an expression of your appreciation and your own personal style.

I love when the favour is food, especially if it appears in the lull before the meal when the hunger starts to set in. Therefore edible also means practical! Check out these great wedding favour ideas your guests can get their laughing gear round:

Just Married - Personalised Love Hearts

The original way of showing your love

Personalised Love Hearts

I think these are sooo cute! Your guests will love the excuse to relive the heady days of ‘CUDDLE ME’ and ‘I’M YOURS’ down the back of the school bus… Although these ones all say ‘JUST MARRIED’ – still a reminder that it’s time to celebrate! Available from the Love Hearts website.


Wedding Cake Cookies

Wedding Cake Cookies

As if actual cake weren’t exciting enough… these would be ideal served with ice-cream for dessert at a smaller wedding. At four dollars a pop you probably won’t be getting these for the larger guestlist, but maybe as a treat for the stranglers the day after. Available from americanbridal.com

Personalised Honey Jars

Personalised honey jars

Insert honey pun here

A little bit more off-beat than cookies and candy, but still a sweet gesture. Great for winter weddings when guests may be suffering the ill-effects of the bad weather, or for those who like a little something sweet in their tea. Available from beaucoup.com

Cherry Fruit Favours


Martha Stewart's Cherry Favours


Cherry Fruit Favours

Martha Stewart’s seasonal fruit favour idea is a good healthy alternative. The full how-to is over at marthastewartweddings.com.

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  1. I love the personalised Love Hearts, have been going back and forth on this idea. I love them but they don’t match my colour scheme :)

  2. Lava Girl

    For favours at our wedding we had scented candles (Yankee Wedding Day) for the ladies and Romeo y Julieta cigars for the men. I didn’t want table numbers so decided to name the tables as sweets. Love hearts, jelly rings, cherry lips etc and had a bag of each of the corresponding sweets on the table, it went down well with everyone.

    Loving the blog takes me back to planning my own day!

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