Stop the presses: Even more famous American weds today!

Celeb Bride LogoForget about Chelsea Clinton, the American Wedding of the year takes place today, August 1st. Like Chelsea, we’ve watched the bride grow up from a little girl, but unlike Chelsea, this bride is keeping it low key…

Lisa Simpson Wedding Invitation

You are cordially invited...

That’s right – It’s Lisa Simpson! As you can see from the invitation, today’s her big day.

Lisa and Homer

Lisa and her proud Dad

There are just two disappointing things about this:

  1. I never got my invitation, and
  2. The holographic trees never came true.

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  1. Linda

    Ha ha that’s brilliant – I never noticed it was supposed to be the year 2010… No holographic trees, but I reckon Skype must have been inspired by that episode!!

    • Some poor Simpsons’ writer is probably sitting at home wishing he’d copywrited the idea… then making himself feel better by going for a swim in his massive pool of money á la Scrooge McDuck :)

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