Sole Survivor

Well the weather’s gone to the cobblers and A&E departments countrywide are filling up with poor unfortunates whose shoes let them down on an icy patch. What to do as a winter bride? Surely not…. flats!

Have a looksee at these clever little soles from Save your Sole – if your chosen pair of wedding shoes are lacking in grip, they can add some much needed traction to get you up from the car to the front door and not slip on any wet tiles beyond the threshold.

…oh and you may have noticed one more thing about them – they are available in fashion’s most coveted colour: Red! Which means you can turn your New Look heels into Loubalikes* for under twenty-five euro!

Or if the designer look isn’t for you, why not try a blue pair as your ‘Something Blue’. So you get additional grip with a fresh look and style for your shoes. Three pluses for the price of one!

*Or indeed, resole your genuine Louboutins for the big day to have them looking fresher than ever.

The soles are available to buy online directly from

Save your Sole

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  1. Nice one!! Ideal for Christmas parties too!!

  2. Oh these are too cool!! What a great idea!

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