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I know few bounds in the world of shoe shopping, especially online where shoes are only ever gorgeous and never ill-fitting or too high.

I give you my latest finds…

Today's shoe finds

Shoe Time Logo1. Benjamin Adams Gaga – Possibly named after a certain outlandish popstrel, but more like a common ground between Marie Antoinette and Cheryl Cole – encrusted with mirrored Aurora Borealis crystals, these babies reflect a rainbow of colours. Perfect for a world where 4 inch heels and dancing til 2am were not such a lethal combo. But for a contingency plan, see 4, below.

2. Grazia Valentine – Elegant silk satin with a hidden platform for extra comfort.

3. Sylvie – Beauty meets practicality meets an exquisite oval Swarovski buckle.

4. Diamante Sandal – New Look to the rescue of the bride with sore feet but hours of dancing yet to do. Embellished with baubles and diamante, these little beauts provide much-needed comfort at a super low price. And let’s face it, there are other things to devour your budget.

So what’s it to be ladies, ultra high or medium heel?

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  1. Karen

    There was apiece on Xpose last week about a website that a girl from Cork/ Kerry has set up for ladies with a tiny shoe size and who struggles to find nice shoes that fit.

    Shoetastic provides fabulous shoes in petite sizes.
    They stock shoes of all kinds in sizes 13,-4 (EU 32-37) including Bridal Footwear. They also stock a range of handbags.

    So if you have a petite feet it may be worth taking a look.

  2. They have some really nice stuff on Shoetastic, thanks for posting the link. Imagine trying to put superhigh heels on such a small foot… methinks for those size 36 and under it has to be a medium/low heel

  3. oooh ooh ooh! #1 is ultra fabulous!!

  4. Kat

    I’ve a friend about to get married and she decided to get shoes as a little hidden treat to herself. Her dress is quite fitted and shoes are unlikely to be seen under the train, but should someone get a peek they can check out her fabby mock croc dark purple pair complete with zippers to add a little twist on her wedding attire.

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