Shabby Chic Cali Wedding

Shabby Chic Cali Wedding

Happy Friday everyone. Today’s real wedding inspiration comes from Lorraine Daley Wedding Photography and it’s a real treat for fans of bright colours and stripes!

Lindsay and Josh’s wedding seamlessly merges bright colours and timeless style and takes inspiration from Lindsay’s favourite flowers.

“ I really love Dahlias and they have special importance to us as a couple as they are the flowers Josh bought me on the day he proposed. Also, the dress that I wore just so happened to be called “dahlia” which is when I knew dahlias would have to be included in the wedding. So overall my inspiration was based off of both the flowers and the dress. So when I think of a Dahlia and what kind of image it portrays, I think of soft and feminine yet with both vibrant and softer colors. I also love peonies and ranunculus which have a similar feel of the dahlia in my opinion. I also really like the shabby chic look so I wanted to have that look expressed in the wedding decor.”

Get ready for some serious flower love.

With thanks to Two Bright Lights.

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