Setting the Date

Today we posted off our deposit for the venue, so in effect we have set the date! It’s not for another 21 months but I am assured they will fly and in the meantime I can occupy myself with all the frivolities of wedding planning – smelling flowers, designing invites, maybe even tasting the odd cake. All in the name of research, I must stress.

Darver Castle

Darver Castle

Darver Castle in Co. Louth is our venue. The location was a big consideration when choosing a venue as Rohan’s family will be traveling from the North and England (via Dublin airport) and my family are mostly from Monaghan. We ourselves are from Meath and we both work in Dublin so that makes Darver a great, central venue.

Couple at Darver

Soon to be us

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  1. modder

    lovely. I cancelled the dentist for that day by the way. Love u. xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Joanne

    Beautiful venue.

  3. Rohan Smyth

    If that couple in the photo is soon to be us, I hope I’m not going to go bald that quickly…

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