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Save the Dates: 5 Things to You Need to Know

So you’ve booked the big day and you want to spread the word! Save the Dates are now a common trend for Irish weddings. While they’re not a necessity, sending them can make it all feel more official for you, and make things clearer for your guests. But before you pick up that pen, here are 5 things to consider:

1. Do you need them?
If your wedding is abroad, or on a major bank holiday we say yes! This gives your guests the chance to plan and if necessary start saving up and booking flights if you’re having a destination wedding. If your big day is on a bank holiday or falls over Christmas time, potential guests may make other plans early (or get invited to other weddings).

2. They don’t have to be expensive.
The lovely Karen from Beating Myself into a Dress blog told us in the comments of our recent Save the Date or Save your Budget post how she’d bagged 250 Save the Date cards for €6 including delivery. Karen’s savvy story shows that Save the Dates can be done on a budget, perfect if you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to send them.

3. They’re a great opportunity to show off your Engagement Shoot.
If you have had an e-session and were bowled over by the results, personalised photo Save the Dates will not only spread the word about your wedding, but they’ll also put your photos to good use.

4. Be sure about your guest list
When you send out Save the Dates, those guests are officially invited to the big day. They’ll be planning their outfits, penciling in the date in their calendar, they’ll be looking up B&Bs. By sending out Save the Dates, your Guest list will be finalised early and as the meal generally takes the lions’ share of your budget, what you spend on other items without going over budget will be more restricted than if you had a more fluid guestlist.

5. They are a sneak peak into your theme.
For design nuts out there, the Save the Dates are a great opportunity to start the theme-ing and colour scheming. It’s never too early to moodboard, right?

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  1. Great tips ~ I think the sooner you send them {and find out who’s definitely coming} the better! Hated the thought of chasing up guests a few short weeks before the wedding.

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