Save The Date or Save Your Budget

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Thomas and Jessica’s fairground engagement session post was a big hit on Monday, and it’s got us to thinking about Save the Dates

Generally they’re not the done thing in Ireland, unless the wedding is abroad or on a busy date such as New Years, but as many trends from the States catch on over here, we are asking: is it just a matter of time?

I’d love to hear your views on this: Save The Dates or Save Your Budget?

Photographer: Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography via Two Bright Lights

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  1. We did Save the Dates as our wedding was a Thursday and we wanted to let people know that they would need the day off work. Save the Dates don’t have to be expensive. We used business card sized cards, which we ordered from Vista PRint. You can order 250 business cards, for free, from VistaPrint and you only pay the postage. You can put any text you like on the cards. I think it came to about €6. We then bought florist card sized envelopes on Ebay for about another fiver, to put the Save the Dates into. We hand delivered a lot of them, and only had to post about 20. In total we spent about €20 on our Save the Dates and were delighted with them. They were really sweet and pretty and people seemed pleased to get them. They fit easily into wallets or were put up on the fridge to remind people of the date.

    ALL of that said, we had about a 40 per cent refusal rate! So I guess no matter how much notice you give people, there are always goign to be those who can’t make it!

    • Lisa

      Thanks for sharing your budget save-the-date secrets with us Karen. You may have swayed me on the Save the Dates… although it may be a bit late for us, we’re designing our invites at the moment… goes to show you can make whatever budget you have work for you which is great news!

  2. We agree that Save the Dates don’t have to be expensive, but they are a great way to setup your theme and get on people’s calendars. Use your own personal logo or monogram to make some yourself and then mail, email, or hand deliver them!

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