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Royal Wedding – Where were you?

Ok, hands up who got sucked in?

William and Kate’s wedding on Friday was a worldwide event, and it’s even been given the accolade of the biggest thing to ever happen on the Internet. At one point during proceedings, there were 44,000 people a second trying to access information on it.

The ladies from One Fab Day had One Fab Party in the Fitzwilliam Hotel to mark it. Many Britons (and some Americans too) had street parties to soak up the atmosphere. Some people even had weddings to celebrate it. Ok, well granted they were probably booked months in advance of Kate and Wills’ announcing the date.

I was busy tap-ah-taping away on my trusty mac bringing live updates to the readers of mrs2be in the form of a live blog. It was lots of fun and it was great to share the occasion with girls who were stuck in the office without a TV.

This morning I flicked through my bridal magazines (on a separate, bridesmaid-related mission) and every lacey, long-sleeved gown jumped off the page with a new resonance. Kate singlehandedly has reignited the wedding industry, sparking new trends of – white bridesmaid dresses, vintage style gowns, full veils, adding an extra zero to the end of your guest tally (hehe).

Check out their official wedding photographs here.

And my, didn’t Pippa do well.

As for the royal honeymoon, that was the last secret of the whole event, and according to the official royal wedding website, the pair will spend the weekend privately in the United Kingdom, before Wills returns to work as a Search and Rescue pilot next week.

Where were you on Friday morning, and did you soak up every detail? Would love to know!


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  1. My attempts to avoid it – first by sleeping in, then by taking a trip to Tesco and finally by going for a jog in the park – worked pretty well in the morning but then I had to go to work (in a newspaper) and it was slightly harder to get away from then…

    With all the excitement about Kate’s dress, I doubt male viewers waited with quite as much bated breath to see what William would wear somehow, and grooms-to-be are also fairly unlikely to try to emulate his style… Unless they do fancy dress for the stag!

    All in all though, I’m glad it went well and that it wasn’t sabotaged by being hyped to within an inch of its life by the press. Don’t they know that the REAL wedding of the century is taking place in Co Louth this December…?

  2. I was watching on my mac from Amsterdam, all alone, while my husband was at his technology conference…with no fab commentary from the BBC!

    I was gutted to miss the street parties back home in London but regardless of all of that I absolutely loved it & got swept up in the spectacle of it all! I was on the edge of my seat each time a car {or ahem…minivan} pulled up to the abbey and got quite emotional actually!

    The music, the choir, the shy glances between the couple, the readings, the cheers, that dress and those embarrassed kisses on the balcony. It was a real life fairytale & I loved every moment! x

  3. Siobhan

    I was like I will not do it … awwwww loook at the dress. I love the grooms look when he sees her.. but the best mans look did it for me gas!! :) Loved taht they made it their own with the aston martin! :) i hope they skip over the HRM drama there’s been the last few marriages! :(

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