Retail Weddings

Short on cash? Want the wedlock but not the pricetag? Well my friend perhaps a retail wedding is for you…

Walmart Wedding

Why not tie the knot in the familiar and therefore comfortable surroundings of a local fast food restaurant, discount supermarket, or fashion retail outlet.

This is definitely not something Naomi Klein would be into.


In 2008, Alex Bury and PETA employee Jack Norris tied the knot at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Toronto, despite both being vegans (This surpasses Chelsea’s vegan and grain-fed beef menu in upstate New York)! The couple said the act was a political statement, a celebration of KFC Canada’s agreement to carry out more humane methods of chicken farming. Guests chowed down on the recently introduced KFC vegan sandwich. Baffling on so many levels.

So, what’s the verdict – cool, postmodern and quirky or overshooting the mark of individuality and ending up more nutty than the snacks aisle?

For the record, if I had to get married in a shop it would be in IKEA.

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  1. IKEA weddings are great (stylish and inexpensive), but there’s always the risk that you’ll get to the end and find that there’s one crucial bit missing…

  2. modder

    Tommies Nice chips

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