Ready for your Close-Up? The Rise of DIY Photobooths

Back in the day a bride would have just rented one, but times have changed and if, like me, you still have plenty of time before the wedding and plenty of helpful friends willing to help out on the day, this idea could be for you.

DIY Photobooth

Image from Cherrytree Occasions

Capture your reception as posed, lively photographs and not a sweaty dance floor mess. We’ve all been there…

All you need is:

A camera (digital, or polaroid if you like the aesthetic and have the budget)

A tripod

A clear background or some sheets/material to hang

Some props! (Like these false mustaches from Whisker Works etsy store) and empty photo frames, blackboards etc).

Instructions might help the less technical guest too.


Image by Aaron Delesie on

…and that’s it! Set it all up and enjoy looking at the photos the next day. Upload them on Facebook for all your guests to enjoy, or you could even include prints along with your thank-you cards.

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  1. FiFibelle

    Love this idea. Saw a bride and groom (on WOL I think) who built their own in their colours and used it during the drinks reception, very cool and cost-effective!!

  2. una

    Loving this idea Lisa. Your Blog is class!! wish i was doing it all again!

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