Quirky Grooms: 5 Ways to Dress to Express Yourself

This one’s going out to all the gentlemen out there…

These days, you grooms aren’t just engaging in the usual ‘Wear a suit and show up’ - after all it’s your day too, mister! Your future bride may have the strong hand when choosing a lot of the details, but if you are a groom with The Quirk Factor there are some things you can do to show it:

1. Cufflinks

Let’s start off with something subtle. And cufflinks are nothing if not subtle. The fact is, the variety of cufflinks on the market is massive and they tuck nicely under your jacket sleeve. A quirky pair can be like a private joke you only share with people when they are up close with you. I love this pair, aptly called ‘Penny For Your Thoughts’. They’re made in Ireland by 9design, head over to their etsy store to see the full range.

2. Socks

Ok, getting less subtle but the same in theory. A shock of yellow sock as you walk your bride back down the aisle, while she wears her yellow shoes would be – and I know I’m not using man language here – so cute! And eh (scrambles to think of a manly word)… manly? But why should the bride have all the fun!

3. Braces

Formal accessories can add a new dimension to a plain suit, and are bang on-trend at the moment thanks to Mad Men. Wear them under a jacket – or forgo a jacket for a more informal garden wedding. I promise you there will be lots of scope for throwing dress-related shapes on the dance floor later on.


4. Boutonnieres

Bad news for the macho men out there – you will probably be expected to wear a flower on your wedding date. But fear not – it does not necessarily have to be a pale pink rose (unless your bride puts her foot down and she’s got the veto on this one). Talk to your florist – there are many options such as cacti and other petal-less foliage, or you could of course make your own.


5. Shirt/ Waistcoat Colour

If cufflinks were at the subtle end of the spectrum, this choice definitely not for the faint-hearted. Matching your shirt colour to the accent colour of your wedding palette (and that’s usually a bold colour) can really make the bridal party all colour coordinated and therefore the photographs will look amazing.


So there you have it, if you’re a groom with The Quirk Factor, don’t hide it. Whether you want to stay subtle or go mad with colour, your attire can reflect your personality, even within the confines of the most formal wedding.

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  1. Those cuff links look great!

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