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Well the next thing on our merry list of things to do ahead of the big day is a biggie – the tips icon

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Ok, for some couples this is probably not a deal-breaker but I studied video in university and have been known to make my own amateur wedding videos at family weddings (a nice gift idea which gives the couple another insight on their big day), so I knew ‘we’ wanted something quirky and different.

And we all know a wedding is not so much a ceremony of matrimony as a massive research project so I trawled the world (wide web) and my growing little library of wedding books to come up with the best questions to ask the videographers, and here they are:

1. Have you filmed in our venue before? This isn’t a biggie, but it is definitely a bonus if the videographer can show you a beautiful video from the place you’ve booked.

2. Have you done many winter weddings?

3. Request a full copy of one winter wedding. Ours is a winter wedding so the light is a big factor for the photographs and video.

4. How long will the DVD be?

5. How long after the wedding can we expect to receive DVD?

6. Does the price include VAT?

7. What booking deposit do you require?

8. Will there be an additional charge for music?

9. Will we have any input into the choice of music?

10. How much will extra copies of the DVD cost?

11. What camera equipment do you use? this is my own optional nerdy question – Ro would have no interest in that end of things at all.

So there you have it. Is there anything I’ve missed? Or you smug marrieds, have you any stories about your big day and the video?

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  1. Siobhan

    Ooooh and ask for music over…Mum saw a video at a wedding video gettogether where the Groom’s mum was over heard saying ‘i scarcely see how that dress was worth 3 grand! ‘

  2. Ouch!! Such an awkward moment captured on celluloid forever! Although I couldn’t see myself splashing out so much on the dress so we’re golden

  3. Keith Malone Wedding Films

    Good advice for choosing your wedding videographer. As a professional in the business, here is my take on it:

    • Thanks for the link Keith, you raise some more interesting points, especially about asking yourself if the video style will date (so no Avatar-inspired sequences then), and that there is no professional body for videographers in Ireland. That is certainly worth bearing in mind!

  4. I have a question for you. How big a factor is Question 1. “Have you filmed in our venue before?”

    Would you discount people who hadn’t? You potentially rule out a whole host of quality people if you do.

    More questions you could ask:

    “Do you use additional lights?” Sit back and watch the fireworks. Most of the top guys don’t, but some do, and those that do tend to be quite passionate about it! The reason you should be aware of it is that some videographers have lights (not all, so chill out video guys!) that light up the dancefloor as if it’s the Aviva stadium, totally ruining the atmosphere. Lot’s of people stay off the dancefloor until the video lights go out. You should check.

    “Do you direct ANYTHING, or catch it all as it happens?” You’d be surprised. A lot of video guys, even ones that describe themselves as ‘fly on the wall’, will have an attack of the Spielberg on the day and try and get you to do some very unnatural stuff. For example (and a REAL example I witnessed)… “You’re walking down the aisle the wrong way, go back and do it again!”

    “Are you licenced to put music on the DVD?” You’ll be surprised how many aren’t, and again, it’ll help bring the real pros to the fore.

    “Inny or outtie?” People with outtie bellybuttons are weird, don’t book them.

    • Hi Darren, question 1 isn’t a dealbreaker for me personally, nor do I think it should be. Instead it can be considered a bonus if the photographer can provide examples of weddings they’ve already captured at a given venue. Some brides may even take it as a sign! I will comment same on the post. This post originated from the list I made myself to ask the videographers we were considering. Thank you for adding your additional questions. I agree strongly with the last one, lol!

  5. Keith Malone Wedding Films

    Thanks for checking out my article!

    I agree with what Darren is saying regarding

    a) the BIG LIGHTS for the dancing and

    b) DIRECTING things on the day instead of letting them happen naturally.

    Both do happen in reality (not by me of course). So if you have issue with either of these points, PLEASE raise it with potential videographers BEFORE handing over a booking deposit.

    Dare I say it, some videographers will actually promise that they will be discreet beforehand, but they actually don’t be at all.

    Sourcing online reviews from real brides who used suppliers for their weddings is usually a good starting point for your research.

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